Technical Support

Today's building environment can be a confusing place, with many legal and regulatory requirements. Needham's are FENSA registered (#16302), assuring you that we comply with any Building Control requirements.

Common requirements are Planning Permission, Building Regulations and Sewer Regulations.

Planning Permission

Some conservatories need planning permission from the local council. Needham's can complete and submit all of the necessary documentation and drawings for you, all you need to do is sit back and wait for the permission to come through. Normally about 8 weeks from receipt of application.

We are ‘Accredited Planning Agents’ for the Charnwood District Council. This scheme helps speed up the registration and processing of planning applications. We are recognised as having a proven track record for submitting good quality applications. This quality is also reflected into all of our applications to any council.

Accreddited Planning Agents Scheme

Water Authorities

If a public sewer runs near to, (normally within 3 metres), or under a proposed conservatory, permission must be sought from the water authority before building. This normally involves one or two camera surveys to determine the condition of the sewer before and after the build.

Needham's will deal with all the necessary documentation and arrange for the camera surveys at no extra cost to yourselves.

Building Control

Building control applies to all aspects of window and door replacement. It includes heat loss, safety glass, structural stability, fire escape, ventilation, disability access and protection from falling.

Conservatories always fall under some building control requirement such as electrical installation safety and safety glass. Extra large conservatories would require full building control.

Needham's will comply with all of these requirements and arrange FENSA registration for your windows and doors.

The requirements outlined above can be complicated, but Needham's will undertake all of these for you. This leaves you free to enjoy the finished product in the knowledge that all of the technical details have been complied with.

This is especially important if you move home. The purchaser's solicitor will require proof that these regulations have been completed correctly, it can delay or prevent your sale if they are not available.