Bi-Fold Doors

Discover the world around you with stunning bi-fold doors...and let the light flood in.

Bi-folding doors are the ideal way to maximise extra space and connect inside living to the outside world.

Our profile range is manufactured to the highest quality standards and is at the fore front of product development and innovation.

Bi-folding doors can create a whole new feel for your home, linking rooms together and seamlessly joining inside living with outside space. Versatile and aesthetically pleasing, bi-fold doors are the ideal replacement for existing patio or French doors to flood any room with natural light.

Amazingly flexible and versatile, bi-fold doors can be fully opened, partially opened or totally closed, depending on the amount of space required. Once fully opened, doors stack neatly to one side creating valuable new space and open plan living.

With easy access in Summer and a wonderful view in Winter, bi-fold doors add light and air all year round.

Aesthetically pleasing and robust, bi-fold doors are stylish yet secure.

Doors are at the heart of your home’s security, and we design our products to ensure the visitors to your home are only the welcome ones.

The single and double sash opening options include the multi point lock.

This modern locking system provides a superior level of security, giving you the best possible protection and peace of mind.

Other benefits include;

  • Hardware components fixed to continuous lengths of reinforcement, further improving the sash stability and operation.
  • Double perimeter weather seals on all sashes gives improved weather performance, making them draught free and energy efficient.

Features and benefits

The unique design of our bi-fold door means both cill and track are incorporated into the threshold, which results in a reduced frame height for improved aesthetics and a smoother operation of opening and closing.

Other key features and benefits include;

  • High performance weathering.
  • Broad range of door configurations.
  • Choose from 2 to 6 door panels.
  • Internally beaded.

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